My Flowers

I have a lot of “flowers” in my inventory. They’re divided into “hand flowers” and “foot flowers”. What are they? Something to make your hand (or foot) look pretty. Here’s one of my favorites:

This is a hand flower I made for my friend, Rowan, a dynamite musician.

She didn’t want anything fancy – something more simple and earthy fit her better.

My “flowers” look very delicate; but each is double stung with .5mm beading elastic. These pieces will hold up to general day to day wear. And comfortable? When I worked in an office, I would sometimes wear one to work. Doing data entry is very hand-intensive. I was never bothered by my “flower of the day.”

My foot flowers are made a little different, in the interest of safety. While my hand flowers are, generally, made of all glass/stone/metal beads, when I started makeing the foot flowers, I paused… how comfortable were litte beads between the toes? Hmmm And how safe was glass to walk on? So, the part which goes around the toe is made of rubber tubing. Someday, I’ll even get to the craft store and get some of the multi-colored tubing! Here’s how it looks.

And on a foot:

(Note: I am told it looks more “sexy” to wear the ring on the second toe….)

Here are some more of my current flower pics. (I’ll be adding to this, soon. Have some beautiful Christmas flowers…

Wouldn’t this be a lovely wedding accessory?

Most of the crystals in my flowers are Chinese Crystals, which are much less expensive

than the Old Standby Swarovski Crystals. Chinese Crystals are, actually, acrylic, but they

are just as flashy and bright as the Swarovskis’. Which alows me to pass along the savings

to you!

I think these would be really lovely for Middle Eastern dancers!

Details of a very pretty flower.

Like I said… watch this space! More flowers to come!

August 16 – About the Jewelry Open House

When my friend, Brenda, said she’d like to have a Jewelry Open House, I almost stood up and cheered. I really love Open Houses. It’s my favorite way to show my jewelry. It’s easy on everyone. Invite your friends. Make a batch of brownies and some iced tea. I’ll come with my jewelry. Everyonehas fun, trying on the pretty sparklies.

So, the day of the Open House arrived and we were almost late (a matter of the time change and taking a mid morning nap….) Adrenaline kicks in and I nearly pushed Pat (my wonderful, all suffering husband) out the door. Drive to 5 minutes to Lowell’s house (Brenda’s father, who must have wondered what he was in for…) and start bossing everyone around. Pat, Brenda, Don (Brenda’s husband) and Lowell were very helpful in setting things up. Jewelry all over the living room & the dining room. Earrings all over the kitchen table….

Setting up the show.

Lowell must have wondered what he was getting into.

Finally the jewelry was all arranged to everyone’s satisfaction. Don turned out to be a quite a designer  – he had some very good ideas about what would jewelry would be complimentary. Then we had time to stand (or, in my case sit) and worry about whether anyone would come. No one had RSVPed… Well, we’ll have fun, even if only 2 people show up….

At 2:05, the cars began pulling up. There would be more than 2….

WELCOME!!!  Brenda and I are ready for her guests!

The first to arrive were Shelly, her mother, Pauline, and her daughter, Andrea. Followed, in quick succession, and random order, by, Fern Ellen and Harry, and Martha, their daughter, Nancy, Peggy, Kathy, her sister Cheryl and her niece (who was a delightful young lady, who’s nameI didn’t learn), Darcy and her daughter, Sarah, Susan, … Well, and so it goes. I fear I have left someone out. Or maybe a few someones.  (If you were there and remember someone who is not named, please let me know ) – believe me, I did not forget on purpose….

Martha models a Footflower.

Everyone took a Gem Colors Quiz, which Cheryl won. She knew the  correct color associated with 14 out of 15 of the listed stones. Congratulations, Cheryl! She received a $5.00 gift certificate to use at the Open House.

More chatting, munching of luscious dessert, and trying on jewelry continued. I know I saw Nancy try on a dozen different necklaces, before she made her choice.  I gave Brenda her hostess gift, a $10.00 gift certificate to Rainbow’s End.

Nancy has so many choices!

Kathy, Cheryl. and (will someone please tell me her name???) Take a minute out from trying on necklaces.

Another rack of jewelry.

Someone else models a footflower.

Pauline and Shelly check out a tray of cobalt blue necklaces.

A close up.

Some of my favorite things….

Halloween inspired jewelry – “Candy Corn” and “Victorian Mourning Skull”

Sarah browses the tables. “Mom keeps putting more jewelry on me and I love them all!”

Sarah finds her necklace.

So, the decisions were made. Jewelry was packed in pretty little organza bags,and good-byes were said.  I lookforward to seeing those necklaces on my friends for many years to come. Perhaps, even some new ones…

Think about the fun of having your friends over for a relaxing afternoon of playing with my jewelry. You’ll find it’s definitely worthwhile!

Sarah says,” Mom and I had fun having mother-daughter time trying on all your fun jewelry…”

Rainbow’s End, my Etsy site has been reviewed by Fishing and Wishing! Check it out, here:


Did I mention I have an obsession with beads? Sometimes I just sit and look at them. Other times I HAVE to have them in my hands. The various colors and shapes and textures mesmerize me. There are the earthy hues of jasper, so warm and inviting, the cool smooth texture of jade, the sparkly crystals…. Oh yes, sparkly, that’s what I was going to talk about.

Sparkle comes in a variety of ways. There’s the discrete glitter of Swarovski crystals, nestled between coral barrels…

Then there’s the “in your face sparkle” of my “Sparkle Glitz” necklace…

Believe me, they’ll see you “across a crowded room”, when you wear this!

If you want “vintage” sparkle, try this one on for size:

These large, faceted “mirrored” bicones are at least as old as I am….

For some “Seasonal” glitter, try this on for size…

Of course, as the picture shows, we cannot discuss “sparkly” without “silver and gold”…

… and other metalics, as well.

In this next piece, sparkle is found in the small, copper foil lined beads.

Sometimes it takes just a little sparkle to make a piece really “pop”.

The Swarovski crystals add a subtle sparkle to these stones and shell chips.

Another pairing of sparkle with natural stones is this Sandy Jasper and Swarovski crystal necklace.

For shear fun, how about these “over the top” creations?

Well, I could go on and on, but I think I’ve said enough about sparkly, for today…

I got to thinking, yesterday, as I was writing the entry about my associate’s necklaces. Initially, I thought most of my jewelry would not appeal to most men. But, I DO have a lot of pieces that would appeal. I’m putting them up, here.

The beautiful orange in this necklace reminds me of the glorious Chanterelle mushrooms growing in our woods.

This is a stunning piece!

This goldfish necklace was fun to make!

Beautiful pressed shell pendant

The pendant is a carved goldfish.

I just love these amber discs.

I love the sleek look of this piece!

This is a wonderful combination of Swarovski Crystals and natural stone.

I just love the stone in this pendant!

A very pretty combination.

Now here’s an eclesiastical looking piece….

The combination of stones gives a feeling of strength.

We had a young man living with us for several months (and there lies ANOTHER story…) Among his many talents, he was a pretty fair hand at making necklaces. He made what we came to call “Gender Neutral” necklaces. I still carry several of these. All of them are interesting, strong pieces that should appeal to either sex.

This donut is as smooth and cool as chocolate cream pie!

This is one of my favorite "gender neutral" pieces

Take a look at the precision of this wrap!

The piece of polished stone makes a beautiful centerpiece for this necklace.

The gorgeous gray stone medallion makes a classy necklace.

My Challenge – June 30, 2010

I have a bunch of beads. Go figure… When you collect beads, as I do, every once in awhile you look through the collection and say, “WHY did I buy those ugly beads?” But I’m not ready to get rid of them, yet. So, they sit on my shelves. Every once in awhile, I decide I need a challenge. So, I pick one of those “ugly duckling” beads as the basis for a necklace. This morning I chose these:

My Challenge - Make something beautiful from these beads!

Unassuming little beads, you might say. But I took exception to the “bone” shape. I found it “silly.” Ugly little beads…. I pulled out all of the beads which were colored green (spring green… one might even say “lime.”), bright yellow, and BRIGHT orange. Ick! (I didn’t bother to photograph them, because I didn’t think they’d make a necklace to write about…)

Looking through my beads, again, I immediately saw the orange in my stash of crystals and the green in my faceted beads. The spacers were a little harder. After looking through the little vials for a couple of minutes, I found them – tiny (1mm) translucent, faceted bright yellow beads! (as it turned out, JUST enough to do this challenge). I added silver seed beads, as an accent.

It went together, quite quickly, after that. As always, the layout was almost magical…”this goes here, and this… goes right here.” And the finished product? Look below and see…

From "ugly duckling" beads... a "swan" of a necklace!

Not bad for a “challenge,” huh?